The WealthSite data conversion team can quickly, flawlessly, and economically convert historical data from and to any other portfolio management and performance reporting system.

  • Our data conversion process is faster than most, since we have been dealing with Advent and Schwab data for decades
  • Since we speak the language and have done it so many times, our data conversions are extremely high quality
  • Because we can do it faster than others, our pricing is really friendly.

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The WealthSite data conversion team has a tremendously long history of dealing with Advent and Schwab data. Bo Dong, co-founder, started working on processing Advent data over a decade ago, when he worked at myCFO, a high-profile family office for Silicon Valley CEOs started by Jim Clark, the co-founder of Netscape.

Since then, the WealthSite team has continually worked with automated parsing of data from Schwab and Advent in order to power WealthSite Reports. We speak the language like it’s our own, so we’re able to do conversions at a speed and level of precision that’s extremely difficult for others to replicate.

We’ve been using WealthSite for two years and we’ve enjoyed our experience and feel that this will be an important partnership as we continue to grow our business. We feel that the flexibility that WealthSite provides is critical for a firm in our industry, particularly as regulatory considerations meet client demands.

— Spencer McCroskey, Old West Investment Management, LLC



WealthSite Reports lets you keep the system you’re used to (Axys, APX or PortfolioCenter) and give your clients the best reports in the industry.

The reporting process:

  1. You keep the same workflow on Axys, APX, or PortfolioCenter
  2. WealthSite automatically syncs your data to the cloud
  3. You use WealthSite Reports on the web, inside of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome

The results:

  1. Quarterly reports take hours, not weeks
  2. You get all of the best features of modern performance reporting (click here for the details)
  3. Beautiful colors and branding to match your firm, all the way down to the charts themselves

Call us: (603) 601-6909

Email us: reports@wealthsite.com

WealthSite Reports is used to report on about $20 billion in assets. Here is what our clients say about it:

Wealthsite has allowed us to streamline our billing process to days versus weeks and helped us build complex report sets that can be run in minutes. Wealthsite knows this industry inside and out and their guidance is always insightful and on target for new business idea implementation.

— Julie Meissner, San Francisco Sentry Investment Group