We take pride in the relationships we have built with our clients and we believe that the quality of these relationships is the most important measure of our success.   

“We’ve been using APX since our firm’s inception in October 2008. When it comes to client-facing reports, we didn’t feel like the formatting and information that was available from the standard reports built within APX were suitable. After several inquiries with APX, we realized that custom reports with the look/feel that we wanted would not only be limited based on the APX programming limitations, but also costly as each custom report was going to be cost prohibitive.

When we realized we needed a scalable solution to our internal and client-facing reports, we reached out to WealthSite and we were impressed with their knowledge and expertise. Specifically, they have an extensive knowledge of the weaknesses of APX which we felt would be a critical piece of a strategic partnership for a growing firm like ours.

One of the major benefits is the knowledge of how Advent records their transactions and how these translate into programmable data points. WealthSite has also activated several sets of reports that are dedicated to the validation of our existing transaction data. By addressing the issues outlined in these reports, we’re able to proceed with our performance reporting with much more assurance.

We’ve been using WealthSite for two years and we’ve enjoyed our experience and feel that this will be an important partnership as we continue to grow our business. We feel that the flexibility that WealthSite provides is critical for a firm in our industry, particularly as regulatory considerations meet client demands."

Spencer McCroskey, Co-Founder and Chief Operating & Financial Officer
Old West Management, LLC

Old West Investment Management, LLC is an independent registered investment advisor that was founded in 2008 to manage the investments of individuals and institutions. Following its well-defined investment process, Old West invests in publicly-traded equity and debt securities across various portfolios and alternative investment vehicles.

“Prior to using WealthSite, our reports were run through a combination of a proprietary Access database and Crystal Reports. The system was far from seamless and any time a programming change needed to be made, we risked losing coding that allowed the reports to run. In addition, finding the proper person or company to assist us when there was a problem was an ongoing issue.

We contacted a number of database experts including SAP, AnalytX, SunGard and efront. WealthSite allowed us to work within their existing framework, while also customizing reports to our own specialized needs. This made the process of transitioning from our old system to WealthSite much more efficient and expedient. The one-on-one attention with which we are provided is unmatched by any of the other firms that we considered.

After using WealthSite, we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of our reports and the speed at which we can run them. The web portal makes running reports and extracting data easy for everyone, without having to have any prior database knowledge. The expertise and programming knowledge of the WealthSite team has provided us greater reporting flexibility and comfort in the quality and content of our reports.

Rachel Doygun, Investor Accounts and Reporting Director
Regis Metro Associates

RMA is a private real estate investment management firm that invests in multiple property types throughout the United States. We provide our investors with access to investment opportunities in premier locations and create value through disciplined investing and portfolio diversification. Directly or through our affiliates, we manage over $1.2 billion of investor equity commitments