WealthSite was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of developing a wealth management platform that provides sophisticated functionality beyond what other solutions offer.  

We took a traditional approach to building our business.  Bootstrapped from day one - no debt and no venture capital.  We focused on one client at a time, achieved positive cash flow in the first year and every year since.  We don't spend more than we earn and we don't waste money on things that don't matter.  We're not under pressure to maximize the economics of our client relationships because we are not accountable to outside investors.  We are only accountable to our clients.


We view clients as partners.  We treat our clients as we like to be treated in our vendor relationships: by laying out a good foundation, earning trust, and working daily to maintain the best experience possible.  We believe that our current clients are more important than the next prospect or future opportunity.  We believe that bigger is not synonymous with better, and often results in layers of management that impede innovation and adds additional costs that are passed along to clients.

Our beliefs and values formed over a couple of decades of experience within Wealth Advisory and RIA businesses.  We have traveled the same path, faced the same challenges, negotiated with vendors and fought for better results.  Our experiences, battles, and lessons have helped form our behavior today.  We are not looking to dominate the market, just focus on building a small number of great, long-term relationships.


Simply - we will provide honest expertise to help your firm scale profitability.  There are plenty of competitors who claim their platform is better and their service model superior, but there are very few companies that can provide you not only a software solution — but also provide you with our level of knowledge and experience.  We have built a platform that is uniquely positioned to offer the power and benefits of a cloud solution, while still providing the ability to customize your reporting, processes, and workflows.  

We help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that many wealth management firms struggle to overcome.  When you work alongside us, you not only benefit from our outstanding software platform, but you can take advantage of the many lessons we have picked up along the way. 

WealthSite has been a great partner in helping Baker Street deliver cost-effective, timely, and accurate reporting to our clients. We have worked with the WealthSite team since 2006 and found them to be responsive and valuable partners as our business and reporting needs have evolved over time. The tangible piece of evidence that Baker Street is doing our job constructing clients’ investment portfolios is delivered quarterly. The technology that powers that report come from WealthSite.
— Jeff Colin, Founder at Baker Street Partners